Welcome Back Stallions


At Mulcahy we offer some great electives for our scholars to expand their thinking and dreams.  
In this class scholars produce newscasts and learn about the broadcasting industry.  They take field trips to news stations and learn first-hand how to produce a newscast and the role of a news anchor and reporter.  They research stories, interview people, and apply technology such as green screen in their productions.
Here scholars perform many activities that support our school.  They are leaders on campus, they plan and run assemblies throughout the year, they run our student store, they plan dances that include food sales, photo booth, and numerous games for scholars.  They have lunch with 5th and 6th grade students that need role models and encouragement from their peers.  These are just a few of the activities they perform. 
In this class scholars experience a wide range of technology.  A few of these activities include coding, research, robotics, web design, and even assisting with troubleshooting for our school's Chromebooks and iPads.  In the advance Technology class they will even go to classrooms and help other scholars with their technology questions and needs.    
Our scholars can take art and advance art.  In both classes scholars are exposed and experiment with a wide range of mediums and techniques.  They even can attend a field trip to art galleries.   Their art is displayed throughout the school and also in the District Office and Tulare Historical Museum.
Scholars produce the school newspaper, The Stallion Times.  They write articles, conduct interviews, write reviews, research products and edit both articles and layout.   They also create the school yearbook, becoming photographers and graphic designers.  
 Scholars learn how to read, write and orally communicate in Spanish on a more educational and professional level.  They experience the culture and expand their ability to be truly bilingual.  
Advancement Via Individual Determination is an elective for scholars who have the dream of attending college once they graduate high school.  The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, especially students that need some assistance, are capable of completing a college preparatory path.  
The goal of AVID it to produce scholars who will succeed in the most rigorous curriculum, enter mainstream activities of the school, increase enrollment in four year colleges, and become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society. 
Scholars are responsible for focused note-taking, depth of knowledge questioning, tutorials, and WICOR:  Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading.