Welcome Back Stallions

Our Response to Intervention

At Mulcahy Middle School we want all our Stallions to accomplish their educational goals. Thus, we offer a number of programs to make our scholars' education a success. 
Before School and after School Tutoring 
       7/8 Math before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays
       5-8 Reading before school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
       5/6 Math after school Tuesday and Thursdays
       5-8 Reading after school Tuesdays and Thursdays
S.T.A.L.L. (Striving Towards Achieving Lifelong Learning)
       Scholars have the opportunity to complete assignments during their lunch break to enhance their academic scores.
Walk to Intervention
       5/6 Small Intervention Groups
SAT/SST Meetings
       Meeting held to monitor students that may be in need of intervention.  SAT (Student Assistance Team) meetings are held in October and in February. 
       SST (Student Study Team) meetings are ongoing as needed.
Migrant Before and After School Tutoring
       Before and after school tutoring is offered to Migrant students.
Instructional Rounds
        A process adapted from the medical rounds model that doctors use in hospitals. Instructional Rounds help educators look closely at what is happening in   
        classrooms in a systematic, purposeful, and focused way. A team of educators observe other educators at their school. Educators learn the experiences of       
        scholars and instructional practices they may wan to consider trying. 
       A scholar who has been in the USA less than 12 months and who is at the beginning level in learning the English Language. 
       Mulcahy hosts a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Newcomer Class.