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Our Staff

Our staff of qualified teachers and administrators has a special interest in education—especially the devoted and talented students at Mulcahy Middle School. Teachers strive to create a rigorous learning environment and place importance on accountability. We have high expectations for our students and will do whatever it takes to give them the tools they need to succeed and prepare for the future.

Mr. Carlos Nevarez
Vice Principal

Office Staff
Anna-Maria Whitfield
School Secretary
Araceli Torres
School Secretary
Luis Avila
Marlena Sanchez
Mary Ann Rojas
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Marisa Stevens
School Nurse
Christine Gonzales
Cruzita Vejar
Community Aide
Fifth Grade
Ryan Bergstrom
Malissa Delgado
Maria Fluegel
Sixth Grade
Aubrey Adair
Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Cynthia Breedlove
Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Manuel Garcia
Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
Matthew Johnson
Math and Science Teacher
Monica Silveira
Math and Science Teacher
Kindra Stephens
Head Teacher
Math and Science Teacher
 Seventh & Eighth Grade
Travis Anderson
7th/8th Grade P.E.Teacher
Lauren Blair
7th Grade Science Teacher
Andrea Conner
7th/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Celia Covarrubias
7th/8th Grade EL Teacher
Andrew Flores
8th Grade Science Teacher
Vicki Freeman
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Rebecca Hennigan
7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Marlena Lester
7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
Luz Macias
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Martins
7th/8th Grade P.E. Teacher
Rosalynda Mazon
7th/8th Grade Art Teacher
Michael McKinzie
8th Grade Math Teacher
Samuel Mendez
7th Grade Math Teacher
Sandi Nystrom
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Karen Robertson
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Kenneth Schmidt
7th/8th Grade Science Teacher
Katherine Thompson
7th/8th Grade Electives Teacher
Maria Villarreal
Head Teacher
Newcomer Teacher
 Support Staff
Selenia Boyer
5th/6th Special Day Class Teacher
Philip Bradford
7th/8th Special Day Class Teacher
April Brooks
5th Grade Art Teacher
Denise Cors
Occupational Therapist
Darcie Garcia
RTI Teacher/Programs
Tonya Harden
Special Ed Teacher/
Resource Specialist Programs
Kristina Hata
Special Ed Teacher/
Resource Specialist Programs
Chad McCoy
Music Teacher
Kim Korenwinder
G.A.T.E. Teacher
Victoria Lopez
School Psychologist
Alyssa Pielstick
Vocal Music Teacher
Marlen Ramirez
School Psychologist
Macheala Thron
Music Teacher
Betty Venturino
Speech Therapist
Angel Sanchez
Chris Gastelum